About me


Tarot and astrology have been my passion since 1996. I love to meet people, encourage them to live their lives to the full, help them understand the energies behind every major life event and get back on track in difficult times. By means of Tarot cards and astrological analysis I am passionate about bringing joy to other people’s lives and do my best to make the world a better place.

As a mostly self-taught enthusiast, I have learnt to use the cards and astrology whilst travelling, having frequent contact with experts and practising continuously. Although I have the necessary qualifications to be a Tarot reader and Reiki master, I strongly believe that life itself is the best teacher: being in touch with our feelings, getting to know others, listening to our intuition, bringing love, compassion and joy!

In the process of looking for my spiritual path I have also obtained a Master’s degree in Economics (International Relations and Politics) in Poland where I am from and pursued a career in Human Resources in the UK after moving there in 2006.

Currently I am working on my first book "Planets on Earth" and run my Tarot and Astrology practice (you can find details of my services in the folder titled Offer). The law of attraction and “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron have been major inspirations in my life. Not only have they helped me survive difficult times, gave me hope and enormous strength to pursue my dreams but also they have enabled me to find my true calling which has resulted in my becoming a better and happier person.

 We design our own life to a large extent. The way we see ourselves, the world and what we believe in, becomes our reality. Hence, let’s practise positive thinking! Whatever energy we send out to the world, will come back to us.