There are certain challenges to take and lessons to learn designed for each of us. How our life path unfolds depends mostly on how well we handle them. We create our reality either by learning the lessons and moving on or by rejecting them and repeating the same mistakes again and again. It is our thoughts and expectations that attract or invite some energies and situations into our lives. It’s not magic- nothing happens by accident.

Tarot card readings and astrology analysis will show what your deeply rooted, subconscious expectations are and what beliefs have been programmed inside your mind (by upbringing, education, media, life experiences etc.). Tarot and astrology are tools that will allow you to understand yourself better and will give you hints on how to redirect your thought patterns to change your life for the better. They will help you stay on your natural path of spiritual development, surrounded with the love and acceptance that are so natural to human beings, guilt-free smile



I have been using Tarot cards since 1996 to help others and myself understand how to live in harmony with the natural life-stream, not against it... Life happens to be hard but it is also beautiful. Advice received from the cards makes it easier to survive the most difficult times and gives hope when you most need it. My Tarot readings are very detailed and scrupulous. They focus on what is happening here and now in the client’s life and advise on what is coming up next and how to deal with the course of events.

Tarot card readings and astrological analysis serve as tools to read energy in various areas of the client’s life and show how to use energies to learn life lessons and gain spiritual maturity. By presenting alternatives I motivate clients to act in a way that makes for content and humble human beings. However, it is the client’s choice what path to follow. Our destiny is not designed in micro-scale. Our choices create our life!

In spite of the general view that the idea of Tarot conflicts with the catholic religion, I believe that the symbolism of Tarot cards is tightly linked with the divine energy and it does contain many religious elements. It helps us read the hints from „above” and create a better connection with the force majeure (source energy, Universe, Mother Nature etc.) that lives within each of us, and therefore with our inner selves.


Whilst Tarot reading focuses on the present moment or near future and gives very detailed answers to specific problems, astrological analysis presents a general outline of the challenges we will meet throughout our lifetimes.

At the exact moment that each of us was born, the placement of the planets was unique, like a photograph taken at the second we took our first breath. Astrological interpretation of this “photograph”(natal chart) tells a client about their character, personality, temperament, strengths/weaknesses, the sort of people they attract and the major events they will have to deal with in life etc...

By looking at the planets' transits at any time during life (past, present or future), prognostic astrology helps us understand the energies and use them to our advantage.

If you are interested in a Tarot or astrology reading, please have a look in the folder „Offer” where all my services and prices are detailed.


I do not take any responsibility whatsoever for a client acting upon any advice given. The outcome and responsibility of undertaking any advice given is purely down to you as an individual.

The consultations are strictly confidential.

The services I offer are for entertainment purposes only. They must not be misconstrued as professional counselling or medical treatments and if any advice is acted upon, I do not take any responsibility for the outcome.